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Counsel one was established in Southampton (UK) in 2002.Since then, the organization has grown and prospered. Counsel Ones' success is the direct result of its commitment to the provision of quality counseling and support services for all students. Counsel one will make your experience as useful and relevant as possible, it will be your stepping stone to study abroad. With our expert counseling and guidance, you will enter the world of your dreams, prepared and ready for exciting challenges. Our personalized approach will ensure your experience in a distant land is always pleasant.

Counsel One Staff
Our staff is highly skilled in dealing with the needs and requirements of students. They will assist you in organizing your studies, selecting the right university and will help with any personal difficulty you may bump into while living away from home. Most of our staff members have studied abroad and are willing to share their experiences with the prospective students. It helps us to make the students aware of the opportunities and challenges in front of them. In addition to the study counseling, Counsel One offers a range of other services as follows:

IELTS/TOEFL Guidance (For non-English speaking countries)
Students may be required to complete an English language course before undertaking a principal course. Counsel one guides and supports the students in preparing and inspiring them to enroll for the English tests as required. Students are advised of the entry requirements and various pathways available such as ELICOS and Foundation studies. Students are assessed on the basis of entry requirements and are placed in university programs at all levels from beginner to advanced.

Admission Assistance
Counsel One now represents more than 30 universities across 13 countries in five continents. Counsel Ones' overseas offices help students in getting admissions into a variety of courses such as business, accounting, arts, building, engineering, hospitality, travel & tourism, information technology, film & media, education, law, science and others. The students are counseled taking into account their aspirations and subsequently briefed about the course contents and the institute. A quick and efficient service along with matched efforts of overseas offices makes sure the admission deadlines are met. In addition, Counsel One also provides information on the following issues:
Scholarships, if there is any available.
Exemptions, for the previous studies done, if possible.
Direct admission to higher level based on the previous studies done.
Study Exchange Programs available.
Guardianship-In most of the countries, all students under the age of 18 are required to have an appropriate guardianship agreement whilst studying. Counsel One organizes to put these agreements in place.

Visa Documentation
Once the student admission is secured, Counsel One offers most professional and adapted service to its clients in filing the visa application and contributes in making travel arrangements for the students. Other services on offer are:
Arranging education loans for overseas studies (Specifically in India)
Booking air-tickets
Sharing know-how of the country to be visited
Preparing for Visa Interviews

Offshore Facilities
Counsel One customers can feel safe and sound in the professional hands of our overseas staff. Counsel one has its own offices in Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand and UK. Our staff provides most friendly and resourceful service to our customers and helps them acclimatize to a totally new environment. Apart from our mentioned onshore services, Counsel One extends their helping hands in following areas:
Free Airport Pick-up
Help in finding accommodation.
Helping through enrolment procedure
Opening bank accounts
Finding a part-time job (where applicable)

We know how difficult it is to settle in a foreign land as we have gone through all this. Counsel One staff thrives on its experiences and is ready to go any distance to make its customers happy. Though we understand the importance of time for students and their study load, we do persuade them to discover the place they are living in. Counsel One local team members provide its customers all the information about the famous tourist places. We do not like to mention this but Counsel One is always there to support its clients in case of any emergency through its overseas offices.

We look forward to welcome you in these unfamiliar surroundings and prove our slogan "Success is a matter of choice now" right.


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